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OTH mentioned the Open House in a previous post, so this is really a reminder. It’s tomorrow, Saturday, June 11 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The address is 735 Nod Hill Road in Wilton, CT.

NPS sign

Weir Farm

Besides a guided tour, what makes this open house special is that you will have the opportunity to see a historic restoration in progress. The project to restore the main house and two studios has been in progress for some time and is schedule to be finished in 2102. So, a visit now will provide the chance to see the project more or less half way through. usually these sites are off-limits to visitors until completed, (as is the Weir Farm, except for Saturday). Call 203.834.1896 ext. 13 for more information.

Don’t miss it!


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On Saturday OTH returned to Weir Farm to walk through the three gardens that are now part of the Historic Site. He can definitely recommend this short walk to anyone looking for a moment or two to relax and enjoy the tranquility of a quiet garden setting, or in the case of the Weir farm, three garden settings.

From the The Gardens brochure:
“For many affluent New Yorkers of the 1880’s, there was a strong desire for a tranquil retreat from the noise and heat of the city. J. Alden Weir was no exception. He acquired his Branchville property in 1882, and soon developed a deep affection for the landscape of his new country home. Over the years the gardens became a significant and endearing part of this rural landscape.”

Weir Farm Terraced Gardens

The Terraced Gardens

The Terraced Gardens
Even thought the NPS refers these in the plural, OTH considers these terraces as one garden (one of three). And they offer an opportunity to sit and take in a wide view of much of the farm, including many of the buildings, parts of several meadows, and, of course the terraced gardens themselves.

Weir Farm Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden
The Sunken Garden, a few steps from the Visitor Center, was actually a creation of Weir’s daughter  Cora after she took possession of the farm in 1932. It had fallen into a state of shambles when the NPS acquired the property in 1990, but has since been restored as close as possible to the garden Cora had built in the 1930’s.

Weir Farm Secret Garden

Entrance to the Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
OTH finds this garden the most intriguing of the three, if for no other reason, this one is not next to the Visitors Center. Not that it’s much of a walk to see it, but one must decide to go there, or stumble on to it while just walking around the grounds. Like the other gardens, it has a selection of plantings that keep something in bloom most of the summer.

Open House June 11
As part of the Connecticut Open House Day, the Weir Farm Historic Site will be holding an Open House Day on June 11. This will be an unusual opportunity, not only to see the the grounds, but to have a look at several buildings that are now going through a lengthy restoration process, including the main residence and studios. The NPS staff will show and describe the restoration process to visitors on this Open House Day. these building are otherwise closed to the public while this restoration process is in process. The Open House hours 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Call 203.834.1896 ext. 13 for more information.

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