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OTH was off visiting his granddaughters so there hasn’t been a post for a few days, but just before he left town, OTH walked Bradley Park in Wilton as part of his efforts to complete the Town’s “Walk in the Woods” contest. Here’s his take on that park.

First of all, Bradley Park is 82 acres, located in the center of Wilton so it’s easy to reach from just about anywhere in town. The hiking opportunity is essentially a loop trail (1.16 miles) with a number of cross trails to provide variety and different length walks. One of its features is a boardwalk into the middle of a red maple swamp.   The loop trail traverses a ridge to provide a mix of wetlands and dry uplands walking. A tip for the wise: wetlands walking can get pretty buggy and Bradley Park is no different. Be prepared.

Red Maple Swamp

Boardwalk in the Red Maple Swamp

Wilton acquired the land in the late 1960’s and after acquisition, plans were drawn up for the property’s use. We know now that the land was left as is as a nature preserve with hiking trails, but from the Town web site description we see that wasn’t always the intention.

Previous plans for the area included a golf course, skating pond and ski slope. For both economical and aesthetic reasons, these plans were not implemented. Today the park remains in a natural state with hiking trails and a short section of an equestrian trail.

Think about that! A ski area in the middle of Wilton! A bit hard to imagine but fascinating to contemplate.

Similar to Schenck’s Island, Bradley Park provides an opportunity for a short nature walk right in the middle of Wilton.

For more information visit the Wilton Conservation Commission.

Eight down, four to go!


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