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OTH is going to start his posts with an short description of an easy walk near Kent, CT. Just west of the village of Kent (1.7 miles and off of Rt. 351) is the Macedonia Brook State Park. There are a number of hiking options within the park, some of them challenging, but this post is about walking on old road built during the Great Depression. The road travels the length of the park and is no longer open to vehicle traffic. It is not paved and can be accessed near the park ranger’s office or from a pavilion parking lot further along the paved park road.

The old road is approximately 1.5 miles in length and ends at the northern end of the park. It has a slight uphill grade as you walk from the parking area north, but it is very easy. It is about the width of two traffic lanes. As you walk north, to your right, down a  short hillside, Macedonia Brook flows south. To your left is a steep hillside that reaches up another 400-500 feet. The area is well wooded and makes for a pleasant walk. You have the option of turning around at any time and returning to your car, with the maximum hike being about 3 miles in length.

OTH has a yellow lab that he has taken on this walk many times. The park rule is for dogs to be kept on a leash, but many times when OTH has been there during a weekday, there is no one else on the road and OTH has let his dog off the leash. Needless to say, the dog has enjoyed that very much.

After this walk, don’t forget to stop in Kent for a snack and maybe some shopping.


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