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OTH went over to the Grassi Property on Tuesday for his next walk in the Wilton Hiking Contest (he seems to be hitting the convenient trails first). This is a 71-acre parcel extending from Millstone Road to Whipstick Road for the entire length of Tito Lane. The property was preserved by the Town and the Grassi Family in 2001 when the town purchased easement covering some 62 acres of the site. This property is now also the location of Millstone Farm and OTH will add more on this below. Hiking the Grassi Property is not complex. There is one trail, a circular path through the wooded northern portion of the property. One must be watchful of where one places their feet as they walk along; in addition to a hiking trail, the path is also an equestrian trail, (enough said). The trail is complete with jumps, but not to worry, hikers can walk around them. (more…)


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