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Located in north Wilton, these two parcels adjoin for a combined 56+ acres of woodlands to amble through on an extensive trail system. Unlike many other preserves and parks, there is more than a single loop trail with a few cross trails. Here there are many loops that fit together to form almost a matrix. This extended trail system offers many choices for the walker and it would take several hikes to exhaust all the options available. Depending on the trails chosen, a walk can be essentially flat or include some slopes to descend and climb.

The land is mostly woodlands with many tall hardwoods. There is not much in the way of swampy wetlands, but a couple of streams flow through the area, including Comstock Brook. Two very interesting, and unusual, features of the Quarry Head S.P. are the remains of the extensive quarrying operations done here and the foundations of the Degener family summer residence, in use until 1988. The structure has been repaired for protection and the location offers a view of Long Island Sound, on a clear day. A large picnic table has been put in place and, although he hasn’t yet done it, OTH is dying to have a picnic there sometime. Maybe this October, when the leaves have turned, would be an ideal time for this treat.

Quarry Head State Park

Quarry Head State Park, Picnic Bench & Foundation

Quarry Head State Park, Old Fireplace & Chimney

Quarry Head State Park, Old Fireplace & Chimney

Something that always fascinates OTH on his hikes is seeing the evidence of people and their lives from many years ago. Old foundations, abandoned roads, and rusted machinery are typical examples that one can come upon in the middle of the woods. The rock walls that abound throughout New England are also part of this, although they are so common that it’s easy not to really notice them. The foundation and chimney at Quarry Head are in this category as well, albeit they were in use less than 25 years ago. Also there, a short distance from the foundation, is an old tennis court. It is now “serving” as a bed for wild flowers and, unless regularly cleared, will return to the woodlands that surround it.
Quarry Head State Park, "Once Upon a Time" Tennis Court

Quarry Head State Park, "Once Upon a Time" Tennis Court

Over the years OTH has been to these two spaces a number of times and they remain one of his favorite places in Wilton to walk.

For more information, visit Quarry Head State Park and Harrison Smith Preserve.

For those keeping score, Old Trail Head did complete the 12 walks of the Wilton Walk in the Woods contest, but alas, his name was not selected for any of the 13 raffle prizes. Of course that really wasn’t the purpose of the exercise. OTH enjoyed the walks and it got him to many places he hadn’t been in a while and even to a few new ones. He will post the last walk, Cherry Lane Park, shortly.


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