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OK, how’s this for an idea? Go to one of your favorite deli counters in Wilton and pick up sandwich, or whatever is a good takeout lunch for you, and mosey over to Schenck’s Island. Heck, you can walk there from anywhere in Wilton Center. For this excursion the other day, OTH picked up a salami on pumpernickel, his favorite sandwich, and a soda at the Village Market. A few minutes later he was enjoying a quiet lunch beside the Norwalk River, a stone throw from busy Wilton Center (literally).

Salami Sandwich

Salami Sandwich on Schenck's island

Schenck’s Island, though technically not an island, receives such a designation due to the fact that the Norwalk River on its west and south sides and the railroad tracks along its eastern boundary isolate it like an island. The main trail system at Schenck’s Island leads visitors in a loop around the island. There is also a side trail that parallels the Norwalk River (this is where OTH had lunch). Clearings made along the River provide excellent sites for fishing, picnicking or relaxing by the water’s edge.

The trail guide says there is about one mile of trails. That sounds about right. In the past OTH has seen fly fishermen working the stream, about 70 yards from a Starbucks, but you wouldn’t know it! On this walk he saw a white-tailed deer, not unusual in Wilton, but it was too far away (and too quick) for a photo.

How long does it take to walk a mile, 20-25 minutes? Add another 15-20 minutes to have lunch and relax a bit and you’ve got a perfect lunch break. Right in the heart of Wilton. Can’t beat that.

Norwalk River

Norwalk River at Schenck's Island

For more information and a trail map visit the Wilton town web site.

Black Farm
This is also on the Town of Wilton Hiking list but when OTH went there the two public entrances were chained shut. He tried a private driveway, hoping he could quickly get into the public meadow area, but that didn’t work so he quickly left the private area (people live there). So it wasn’t a long walk but a walk nevertheless and he’s counting it!

Six down, six to go.


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